This is where I put notes and ongoing work. I Use writing as a way to explore and clarify my own thinking. Don't be suprised if I contradict myself or can't come to a conclusion. It's a process.

Abstract image of a 3d object. looks like a vase slightly tilted to the side. creamy color

Why AI Hardware?

Why make a hardware product for an AI Assistant?

a skyscraper twisting around it's own axis

The Evolution of the UX designer

Who is the UX designer today?

pen and paper, a book of icons is open

How has the UX role changed?

Have there ever been as many niches as now?

swirling colors with blues and yellows

Command line interfaces

New behaviour in AI interaction and experiments

grey rocks

The blunt and sharp end of AI

AI personality, hands on experience, and organisations

A circuit board

How to adapt to AI as a Designer?

If we feel urgency about AI what should we do?

Text on white background

Line height Toy

Play with line height and how it affects different fonts

a graph of different colors

Contrast Toy

Play with foreground and background colors